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Alex EshedGreetings from Alex Eshed

Welcome to our barbershop harmony chorus!

Barberina, our all-female barbershop chorus was the first of its kind in Israel. We began as a quartet in 1999 and have gradually expanded, to my great pride, to what we are today. I'm glad to say that now there are more all-female groups specializing in barbershop harmony.

Though we strive for artistic excellence in all our renditions, our emphasis is on having fun during rehearsals and during concerts. I believe this to be the main reason we are so well received wherever we perform.

We are proud to have singers of all ages and from all walks of life. Youngsters in their twenties together with grandmothers — all share the joy of harmonizing together and getting those chords to ring!

I wish you success in your desire to become a member of our chorus. If you like to sing in a cappella — four part harmony, if you can keep in tune while following the beat, and if you are prepared to work hard to learn our repertoire — you will find a happy place in our group, enjoy yourself and share the pride and joy of your fellow choristers!

In harmony,

Alex Eshed
Musical Director

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